Food safety

Food safety and quality: an unsolved problem

Despite advances in food processing and high safety standards, food safety continues to constitute a worldwide public health concern. Foreign bodies such as plastics, insects and other materials are frequently found. Faced with this phenomenon, enforcement authorities are losing credibility, companies can attend financial and reputational damage and consumers increasingly distrust food products.



  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Dust
  • Glass
  • Organic
  • Animals

What Xnext sees:

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The intake of plastics or glass, for example, can generate complications, such as perforation of tissues of the mouth, tongue, throat, stomach and intestine.



Product recalls or withdrawals from the production lines generate huge net losses for the companies



A single case of food contamination calls into question the reliability of the company involved. It can take decades for a company to rebuild its brand reputation.



The withdrawal of a single jar of tomato of 125g generates a waste of 225L of water and 1.5 kg of CO2.

The problem of food safety and quality is far from being solved. Even though the current inspection systems have resulted in significant improvements, they still do not address crucial challenges: they do not identify low-density foreign bodies and are not capable of characterising the material composition.

Xspectra®: The must-have solution for a zero-defect production

XSpectra® is capable to detect both low – and high density foreign bodies and contaminants with a high degree of accuracy. Besides, the technology is the first and only machine in the world capable of assessing the conformity of the food products with the quality requirements.

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Main food segments tested

Do you want to see from your own eyes the XSpectra® performance? Do not hesitate to consult our Food Catalogue. Broken down by type of products, it will give you a clear and precise overview of the results and performance of the technology XSpectra®.

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main food segments tested

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XSpectra®: our new generation of X-ray inspection systems also applies to food safety. It is capable to detect both low- and high-density foreign bodies and contaminants with a high degree of accuracy.

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