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The journey began in 2011 when two experienced engineers casually met at a fair trade. A passion for innovation and a spirit of entrepreneurship have done the rest!

Today, we are a team of passionate, visionary and innovative professionals with the ambition to have people every day live healthier and travel safer.

In the 90s they worked together in the aerospace sector, but then followed different paths. In 2011, the context is quite particular: there is another toxic milk scandal raging in China, but beyond the most striking cases, the history of food scandals seems endless.

On a scrap of paper, they started scribbling their ideas. The challenges are daunting: current detection technologies do not meet all the requirements needed to ensure a quality and efficient production. Although the concept is simple, to achieve a zero-defect target in the quality control industry, the technology needs to be cutting edge.

A passion for innovation and a spirit of entrepreneurship have done the rest! A new generation of X-ray inspection systems was born, and in January 2011, a first European patent deposited.

Following 3 years of intensive research, Xnext was founded in February 2014, as a so-called “knowledge-intensive start-up”.


Code of Ethics and Quality Policy

At Xnext we pay particular attention to the quality of our work and customer satisfaction, and our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification confirms this.

We have procedures that we keep constantly updated and implement all necessary corrective actions to offer the best possible service to external and internal customers.

Our Quality and Environment Manager has written the document that summarises our Quality Policy. You can download it here.

The Code of Ethics reminds us of the rules of behaviour that we have shared and that everyone is required to respect. You can find it here.

Where we are



Xspectra® is launched on the market


New headquarter is set

The first industrial installation is completed


Xnext® wins H2020 SME Instruments Grant – ph 2

XSpectra® is introduced at Cibustec Expo

XSpectra® is presented at the Nuclear Science Symposium in Manchester


Club Deal founding is created


The first prototype is presented at Interpack Exhibition


A massive crowdfunding campaign is launched


The first F&F and Business Angels start to believe and invest in the project


Xnext® is founded in Milan


The first operational research project is launched


XSpectra® first patent is filed


A team with a strong motivation



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R&D & Founding Partner



CFO & Partner



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Engineering & Operations 10

Engineering & Operations

Data Scientists 9

Data Scientists

Software developers 4

Software developers

Team Detector 4

Team Detector

Administration 10


Management 5


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Xnext Eu fundend No 849381

Xnext has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement N° 849381