As a result of the infamous Covid-19 pandemic that hit our planet in 2019, the public’s general attitude towards health and safety has changed a lot, for the better. This has had an inevitable impact on buying trends. A demand for necessities grew over the last year and a half, while luxury products have seen a decrease in demand. Along with the high demand for necessities came the increased attention to their quality and safety.

Amongst the most important necessities of all are certainly food and beverage, which is obviously where a lot of this new attention also went. The doubt and uncertainty that showed up out of the blue forcing us to stay home for long periods caused great and sudden changes in people’s lifestyles. Cooking, for example, was rediscovered as a great activity to fight boredom during these seemingly endless days.

Food safety has always been a priority of both producers and consumers. It is only now however, that we are reaching the highest levels of awareness and concern regarding the quality and safety our food. This might be a result of pandemic, which could certainly cause rational fear towards microbiological and physical contamination, thus shifting our buying trends towards ”safer foods”.

Food companies have been doing the same, putting effort on granting maximum security in their products, both in terms of quality and safety, which do not always go hand in hand. It is in fact very important to distinguish between these two since high quality food might not necessarily be safe to eat and vice versa. Companies are trying raise the bar of the already high standards required for the food market.

Xnext® is here to help ensure that the food industry is able to easily meet and keep up with these requirements. Our patented inspection technology XSpectra® can do so by detecting and automatically expelling the foreign bodies eventually and occasionally present in food along its entire production line. This will keep these foreign bodies from slipping into the final product, allowing for exceptional levels of security. Operating at up to 1024 energy levels, XSpectra®, coupled with our fully in-house developed AI software XInspector® can detect a much wider variety of foreign bodies than the conventional inspection systems of today.