food safety day 2022

Today is Food Safety Day and for Xnext is an important event because food safety is our main commitment since day 1

Food safety is the most important thing

Nowadays, consumers and all food producers are aware of the risks of food contamination and attention to these issues are increasing also as a result of the infamous Covid-19 pandemic that hit our planet in 2019. The public’s general attitude towards health and safety has changed a lot, for the better. This has had an inevitable impact on buying trends. A demand for necessities grew over the last year and a half, along with the high demand for necessities came the increased attention to their quality and safety.

Food companies and Food Safety

Food companies are strongly engaged in putting effort into ensuring that all the products they sell are completely safe and without contaminants because for every claim for contamination the consequences can be very serious.

Every time a foreign body is discovered inside products, food companies are obliged to recall the entire batch from the market with reputational and economical damage.

It is proof that 15% of the consumers are non longer interested in buying the recalled product and 21% will not buy from the same producers, so the impact can be very huge.

Xnext’s Commitment toward Food Safety

Xnext developed XSpectra the most performant food inspection system capable of detecting both high and low density foreign bodies directly in line in real-time.

This is the perfect solution to ensure the best food safety for all the food producers and all final consumers.

Thanks to XSpectra they will also benefit from an upgrade of their production line because XSpectra can speed up the inspection procedure.

For example XSpectra installed at the start of the line on bulk products can minimize the quantity of products rejected since only the single contaminated food will be rejected instead of the entire package.

In this way, safety is ensured for all consumers and can avoid food waste due to market recalls preserving the environment for the next generations