As reported in the press release issued by the Italian Government, on March 19, 2021, the Council of Ministers, on the proposal of President Mario Draghi and Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia, approved a decree-law introducing urgent measures on the sanctioning discipline in the field of food safety.

The regulations introduced are aimed at avoiding a repealing effect of all the penal and administrative sanctioning provisions contained in Law no. 283 of April 30, 1962, implemented by Legislative Decree no. 27 of February 2, 2021, as well as certain articles of Presidential Decree no. 327 of March 26, 1980, regarding the hygiene regulation of the production and sale of foodstuffs and beverages.

The Regulation establishes common standards for official EU controls aimed at ensuring that legislation regarding the agro-food chain for the protection of human health, animal health and welfare, and plant health is correctly applied and enforced. In detail, the regulation introduced a more harmonized and consistent approach to official controls and enforcement measures along the food chain and reinforced the principle of risk-based controls.

The measure includes rules on controls performed on all food and feed businesses, from primary producers to retailers and caterers, but also on animal and plant breeders, growers, farmers, and traders.