Progetto SmartLED

We have long been committed to a corporate policy that drastically reduces waste and environmental impact, even in the smallest things. This is why we have long been supporters of the “SmartLED project”

The project SmartLED (Multi-sensor system for end of life LED lamps treatment) has the objective to develop and implement, at laboratory scale, technological solutions and innovative process chains for qualitative and quantitative characterization of end-of-life LED lamps. Through the integration of an automated multi-sensor station, it aims at optimizing mechanical treatments for materials recovery.

SmartLED is the demonstration of a new current of thought and action arising all across the world. The topics of sustainability and environmental awareness guide project objectives, increasing the diffusion of innovative systems in different sectors aimed at optimizing end-of-life treatments. The developed system is Smart, automated, able to classify lamps through the integration of three different imaging technologies (a multi-spectral camera, an hyperspectral one and an X-ray sensor), and is LED, due to the main target of sorting. LED lamps, in fact, are increasignly used and their segregation could allow the decrease of contaminations and the simplification of recycling processes.

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