SIngapore go green1540

The Singapore Minister for Sustainability and the Environment Grace Fu on Feb 10 2021 revealed the Singaporean plan that will help SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) adopt sustainable practices and achieve opportunities in the green economy.

The plan is an integration of the Singapore Green Plan 2030 which aims to project the far east country in a future free from fossils emissions, embracing a sustainable way of living.

The main pillar of the plan is the transformation of industries developing a sustainable change in the production processes and will help the enterprises to grow their capabilities to adopt sustainable practices, solutions, and standards, enhance their resource efficiency and capture new business opportunities in sustainability.

Kurt Wee, the president of Small and Medium Enterprises said the program is timely and relevant because “In Singapore, there has been a rise in SMEs doing clean energy, and a lot of developments in sustainable farming. For businesses that are looking to rethink and re-plan their business over the longer-term period, definitely sustainability and climate are major topics on their minds.”

Grace Fu also pressed the tech industry to use the Monetary Authority of Singapore in supporting green projects, adding that Singapore hopes to become the leading center for green practices in Asia and globally.