Bruno and Pietro, Xnext’s founders have been working together since the 90s at Thales Alenia Aerospace, sharing the same passion for electronics and aerospace. After same years their careers brought them to chose different paths: Bruno, decided to specialize in management for ICT and aerospace sectors, Pietro has followed his natural inclination for high innovative engineering, by becoming project manager in a world-leader X-Ray manufacturing corporation.

SERENDIPITY: their lives were flowing in different ways, until a casual meeting during a trade fair. That day the spark that sett of the the idea was lighted: the know-how they had aquired in their jobs could be melted and create a cross-cultural contamination with disruptive and revolutionary fall-out in non-destructive quality controls!. Few days later, they were putting words into actions, and after a feasibility study the first European patent (EP11173192) was deposited. XSpectra, the most advanced real-time contaminants identification system was born. The founding team was not yet completed, Valerio Guareschi high-skilled professionist with deep experienc in food processing machines joined the crew, thanks to a B2B matching event organized by Back to work – Il Sole 24 Ore. In February 2014, Xnext’s adventure was ready to set the sails.

Their mission? Solve in-line contamination problems in manufacturing lines, aiming at a cleaner, safer and more efficient world.

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