From the first contact with us, you as a company are involved in co-designing and developing the best inspection system that meets your manufacturing and structural needs as well as your quality control objectives.
Our team will help you to define and to circumscribe the current criticalities in the production line along with the goals you want to achieve with the adoption of our latest generation inspection systems.
We guarantee reliability and credibility thanks to our high capacity of research and product development testified by our in-house lab facility.
Our know-how is at your complete disposal to transform quality control activities into automated and highly reliable routines, minimizing false alarms, waste and product non-conformities.

Our Offer

Our system inspects each product in a few milliseconds directly in the production line, automatically discarding those that do not comply, thanks to our AI software able to decree in real time any possible defect.

Forget About Traditional Inspection Machines..They Belong To The Past!

Our disruptive technology provides high excellence and reliability.
In the testing phase we train the AI with large datasets based on all the defect parameters that can occur in your industrial plant, in order to deliver you a highly performing and automated system which can be integrated at every stage of your production line

Forget About Traditional Inspection Machines..They Belong To The Past!


Once ready, we support you in the system installation at your facilities, guaranteeing the maximum attention to any structural requirement in the Hardware development phase.


Our support does not end here. We remain at your disposal for on-site and remote assistance and we guarantee a fast emergency service in case of extraordinary or urgent problems.


We will be at your complete disposal for HW and SW updates. You will never feel like you have invested in a static technology but you will always be in possession of an innovative and frequently updated solution given our development plans and our goal of ensuring that each inspection system remains the best on the market. We provide you with the inspection technology par excellence to guarantee the highest level of industrial quality control.

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