Vision, mission and values


We are a booming company present in the market with a product of high-technology that we thrive to improve day by day. We do it with passion to realise what we have at heart: putting the most advanced X-ray inspection technology at the service of a safer and healthier world, where we take care of the people and of their environment.


Our mission is to ensure that each machine we build is unique and tailored to customer needs. The technology is applicable to multiple industries, ranging from food safety and food quality control to material recycling and pharmaceutical safety passing through security controls, and much more.
We are prolem solvers, solution providers: XSpectra® is a brand recognised as being synonymous with quality, reliability and sustainability.


Do it with passion!

We always want to do our best in our work. We are committed to achieve our goals with dedication and energy. We feel really happy and proud to do our job at Xnext.

Have at heart innovation and quality!

We need to be ready to constantly reinvent what we do and how we do it. Spirit of initiative, non-stop updating and ability to adapt the way of working, communicating and involving new people are key aspects to achieve excellence and quality.


If we want to have the greatest impact and improve people’s life, we all must believe that it is not only possible, but that we are also the right people to do it. Trust and listen to each team member, give and ask for feedback because this is the best way to improve professionally and personally!

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Xnext has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement N° 849381