XSpectra it’s the best inspection technology that, like no other, can efficiently detect low density foreign bodies inside food products in real time and directly on industrial production lines. But how can XSpectra do it? Because it uses x-rays in a completely innovative way.


XSpectra offers a completely new approach of quality inspection, resulting from a unique combination of 3 different high-level innovations:

  • Photonics: A solid state CdTe detector that converts photons of the electromagnetic radiation into directly proportional electric signals.
  • Nuclear Electronics: An integrated circuit (ASIC), for the data acquisition and management.
  • AI: Xnext is the first company in the world to have exploited convolutional neural network-based artificial intelligence software in the food industry.

Those three innovative technologies allow XSpectra to analyze up to 1024 energy levels of X-rays and perform a multi-spectral analysis of the product in real time, comparing the energy absorbed by any contaminants and thus deciding whether or not it meets the required quality standards. While XSpectra uses this innovative multi-energy analysis, traditional x-ray systems use only one or two energy levels (single or dual energy systems).

X-ray energy levels

To better understand we can make an example:

We can see all the details of the environment because we are lighted by white light, like the one of the sun. The white light contains all the spectrum of the visible light and for this reason we can see all the details of the objects that are around us.

If we light a room or some object with a red light we lose all the details because we limit the light to just one level of the visible spectrum.

The same thing happens with X-rays: the source that generates them contains many energy components – which can be likened to the colors of white light. XSpectra is different and goes beyond. The Detection Unit installed in the Xnext inspection system is capable of analysing many more energy levels of the x-rays and consequently XSpectra can obtain much more information about the compositions of the product analysed and so the quality and safety of it.

In a few milliseconds it performs a chemical-physical analysis of the products inspected and with much more efficiency than conventional inspection systems, can detect both high and low density foreign bodies in food products.

By choosing XSpectra to carry out an upstream check of production, rejection will take place on individual products or packages, avoiding consumer reports that would only lead to additional costs and a bad reputation for the brand.

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