Agro Industry

Yesterday Xnext® took part in a stimulating webinar entitled “Non-Destructive Testing for the Agro-Food Industry – Sector Needs, Control Systems, Product and Personnel Certification”, promoted by AIPND (Italian Association of Non-Destructive Testing Diagnostic Monitoring), where Pietro Pozzi brought our experience in the identification of low density foreign bodies in food using XSpectra®, our multi energy X-ray technology.

The webinar was born out of a desire to promote the technical and scientific knowledge and development of Non-Destructive Testing, Monitoring and Diagnostics (PnD-MD) in all manufacturing sectors: energy, civil society and protection of the artistic heritage.

This field of research is very important for the Italian agri-food sector, which is also one of our country’s prides, accounting for 13.5% of GDP according to ISMEA data. In fact, the ultimate aim of the meeting was to check with experts in the sector and relevant bodies, who will expound on the main methodologies used, or to be used, to incorporate the requests of operators.