Start up Effect

A few week ago Xnext® took part in the interesting conference “L’innovazione Digitale non va in lockdown: alle imprese cogliere l’effetto startup” organized by Osservatori Startup Intelligence and Startup Hi-tech. We also participated in a dedicated survey with our story, our data, and our ambitions.

It is always important to share in order to enrich the cultural and technical fabric around us, and we at Xnext® want to grow, but also to grow the businesses of the startup system in general.

The conference was created to answer the question “how to valorise the start-up effect as a system asset and for revitalisation in the post-Covid era?”. This is because in the year in which the Covid-19 emergency disrupted the business world but also the daily lives of citizens, digital technology played a central role as a lever to ensure continuity. The shock of the pandemic has also highlighted the importance of the adaptability that many start-ups, including in Italy, have demonstrated by rapidly developing solutions to deal with the pandemic.