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Xnext® adds its name to that of the many companies that have married the battle for renewable sources promoted by LifeGate Energy. From today, the company’s network is powered exclusively by sustainable electricity: 100% from renewable sources (sun, wind and water), 100% Italian and certified, with residual CO2 emissions offset with the Impatto Zero® project. As a result, our electricity consumption is no longer a burden on the environment.

With LifeGate Xnext® proves to have an active role as an agent of change in the most important environmental challenge of our time: the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables. According to the World Energy Outlook of the International Energy Agency, the world energy demand is expected to increase by 1.3%: in order to limit greenhouse gas emissions, it is essential that the share coming from renewable sources increases more and more. But the process of decarbonisation can only take place if everyone – individuals, companies and institutions – plays their part.
The adhesion we have signed is a simple gesture, but it can produce immediate changes, which will become more and more significant as others join this battle, giving substance to a widespread and growing environmental awareness.

The data of the 5th National Observatory on Sustainable Lifestyle – made by LifeGate in collaboration with Eumetra Monterosa – show that 67% of Italians (34 million people) are involved in sustainability. Not only. At the top of the list of priorities are investments in clean energy sources: 92% of Italians think that investing in sun and wind is useful to end dependence on fossil fuels, and to boost the national economy.