Xnext® S.R.L., in an interview on SciTech Europa, explains how XSpectra® stands to impact the Food Safety sector and other Non-Destructive Testing sectors:

X-ray machines in the food industry today can easily detect high density foreign bodies, such as metal, lead, stones, bones and glass, hidden inside non-transparent foodstuff and non-transparent containers. There are, however, some challenging materials that go undetectable, such as low density foreign materials like wood, low density polymers, cigarette butt, dry fruit shells and insects, to name a few.

Xnext, an Italian SME, has developed XSpectra®, a new generation of X-ray inspection systems that can detect both low and high density, overcoming the difficulties of conventional X-ray machines. The multispectral detector works by making several scans of the material in different energies. Once the researchers put all the scans together, these can reveal the absorption of low energy photons in the material, which translate into low density objects.

In an interview with SciTech Europa, the Xnext team explain the how the new technology stands to impact the food industry and, indeed, other sectors.


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