Agriculture 4.0

Today Xnext® took an active part in the Innovation Day organised by Coldiretti in the context of agri-food industry 4.0. Our CEO Bruno Garavelli spoke about how our revolutionary XSpectra® technology is enabling many industries to improve the quality of their work, helping them to waste less and fight the battle against climate change more effectively.

As reported by Coldiretti, climate change and the new organization of work imposed by the coronavirus emergency are changing the way of doing agriculture with the entry of technology, from drones to information technology, from satellite tracking to blockchain for the traceability of products and for the guarantee of quality and origin.

The Agrifood 4.0 in fact was at the centre of the online forum organised by Coldiretti, in collaboration with Bonifiche Ferraresi and Filiera Italia to explain the new approach of companies to the issues of environmental, economic and social sustainability.