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XSpectra® is a new generation of X-ray inspection systems capable of analyzing the composition of a product directly on the production line to determine compliance with quality requirements. It is the proud result of 10 years of research and development to create a unique and proprietary technology and inspection method.
Hardware and software are completely designed and developed internally and patented. Thanks to this total control of the technology in all its parts, Xnext realizes inspection systems totally designed for the customer’s needs.

A groundbreaking inspection technology, tailored to your needs

Xnext® is a deep tech SME that produces and markets X-ray inspection solutions.
Like no other technology, XSpectra® revolutionises inline monitoring for real-time quality/safety control.

Using XSpectra® you can:

Inspect all products on the production line, without destroying them (NDT)

Ensure the highest level of safety controls (identification of both high- and low-density foreign bodies)

Increase your brand reputation and customer satisfaction

Control your entire production process

Facilitate profitable recycling and achieve greater sustainability.

XSpectra® is fully customisable to your needs

We can provide you a complete inspection machine or simply upgrade your current quality control system with our embedded inspection system.

We can adapt the technology’s performance to any kind of product, container or foreign body.

We can ensure you the best results at a very competitive price.


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XSpectra® is an X-ray inspection system, based on a disruptive technology resulting from a unique combination of 3 high-level innovations: Photonics, Nuclear electronics and Artificial Intelligence.


The XSpectra® EYE

A solid state CdTe photo-counting detector that converts photons of the electromagnetic radiation into directly proportional electric signals.


The XSpectra® BRAIN

An integrated micro-electronic circuit for the data acquisition and management, for the specific technical features of XSpectra.


The XSpectra® SYNAPSE

Intelligent neural machine learning software that enables effective detection and processing of all detected anomalies.

XSpectra® can analyse the physical-chemical composition of a product in real time and directly on industrial production lines.

There is nothing on the market such as XSpectra®, as current inspection systems are capable to perform a 1- or 2-level of energy analysis. XSpectra®, instead, is capable of distinguishing multispectral energies, meaning that it can detect the full energy spectrum of the incident radiation, up to 1024 energy levels.

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Xnext has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement N° 849381