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The XIS4 Lateral inspection machine permits inspection of products from the side and has a higher inspection area. This geometry fits perfectly for vertical packages like biscuit bags, bottles, and jars.

The XIS4 Lateral machine integrates the proprietary XSpectra® technology, which consists of a state-of-the-art Detection Unit capable of detecting up to 1024 energy levels of x-rays, while traditional inspection systems use a maximum of two.

XSpectra® can detect high and low-density foreign bodies directly in line in real-time, preventing health risks for final consumer and market recalls. This way, it is possible to obtain much more information on the composition of products and detect contaminations with extreme precision, minimizing the number of false rejects.

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The machine’s hardware consists of an inspection area of 300mm in width and 350mm in height with a geometry of inspection that has a side-to-side orientation to fit better the passage of vertical-shaped products like bottles, jars, and biscuits bags. The lateral inspection permits inspecting the product for the entire height without missing any part of the whole package and ensure a better inspection because it reduces the thickness that the x-ray beam travels through. 

The belt can move with a velocity up to 50 m/min, depending on the product weight and size.

Another option possible is the diagonal geometry of inspection. In this case, the x-ray source is not positioned directly to the side of the product that must be inspected but slightly moved in order to reach difficult points of the package or blind spots. 

On innovative adjustable hardware, we have added Artificial Intelligence software (XInspector) based on Deep Learning that allows us to analyze a vast amount of datasets by learning the composition of the product more and more accurately.

The software is trained by acquiring data on various product/contaminant combinations and can be updated whenever the need arises to inspect new products or search for new contaminants.

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