XSpectra 60008

The XSpectra XIS4 Top-Down inspection machine has vertical inspection geometry from the top of the products, allowing us to inspect compact packaged and bulk products.

The XIS4 Top-Down incorporates proprietary XSpectra technology, consisting of a state-of-the-art Detection Unit capable of detecting up to 1024 energy levels of x-rays, while traditional inspection systems use a maximum of two. This way, it is possible to obtain much more information on the composition of products, regardless of the packaging or container materials, detecting small fragments of plastic, bones, cartilages, insects, woods, and others with extreme precision, minimizing the number of false rejects. 

Thanks to its multi-energy x-ray inspection technology, it can detect high and low-density foreign bodies such as bones and cartilage, plastics, and wood inside food products directly in the production line.

XSpectra 60009

The machine’s hardware features a 300mm-wide inspection area with a vertical top-to-down inspection geometry to ensure the best inspection for flat products that are large and smaller in height. 

The speed of the belt can reach up to 50 m/min, and the machine can operate in every part of the production process: at the start of the line with bulk products, in the middle to inspect processed products, and at the end with packaged products ready to be shipped.

On innovative hardware, we have added Artificial Intelligence software (XInspector) based on Deep Learning that allows us to analyze a vast amount of datasets by learning the composition of the product more and more accurately.

The software is trained by acquiring data on various product/contaminant combinations and can be updated whenever the need arises to inspect new products or search for new contaminants.

The quality and safety controls offered by XSpectra can help reduce false rejects and market recalls avoiding health risks for consumers and food waste. 

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